Saturday, July 20, 2013


We attended the Louth Food Festival on the 14th July and were delighted to meet food writer Ben Long from 'Snap it, Taste it, Blog it'.
Here's what Ben had to say about our chocolates in his blog!

"I wanted to try two different things from Spire Chocolates, so I opted for the Dark Ecuadorian Chocolate Buttons and the White Chocolate Raspberry Ganache. Although cute and dainty looking, the raspberry ganache centre was an utter explosion of fruity flavour. Surrounded by sweet white chocolate, these little treats were like wolves in sheeps' clothing; full of menace and bite whilst in the confines of a soft cream exterior. However, if I could gorge on something for the rest of my life, it would be the Ecuadorian dark chocolate buttons. Coming in at a heady 71% cocoa, the bitterness never threatened to ruin these bite-size morsels of delight, boasting a crisp texture that cracks apart when devoured straight from the fridge. Spire Chocolates blew me away and I'd recommend them to all chocoholics out there!"